Exceeding your expectations whether you are a customer, a business partner, an employee or a community member – that’s what motivates us.
Every day we challenge ourselves to help you succeed.
– Maryne Lemvik, CEO

Skanem CEO Maryne Lemvik

Skanem facts.




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But our most important asset is our fantastic label experts.

We produce millions of labels every day!

Skanem labels are seen on millions of products every day and pretty much everywhere whether you are at home, office, or at a grocery store. We create labelling solutions to help brands make their products look beautiful, stay secure, share information with end users and at the same time be kind to the environment. Our labels come with a promise of quality, durability, and a genuine effort to help you increase your sales.

Corporate responsibility.

We at Skanem are concerned not only with results, but with how those results are achieved. It is of utmost importance to us that we conduct our business with integrity, honesty, and openness.

Skanem whistleblower channel 

We strongly prefer direct communication, but respect that can be difficult. You may therefore use Skanem’s independent whistleblower channel to report issues of concern that may threaten the company’s finances, operations or reputation.